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Changes or conflicts at home can turn your life upside down. What once gave you a sense of stability and comfort is now a source of stress and confusion. When a family law issue arises, make sure you have an experienced lawyer who can handle the legal burden for you while you focus on what matters most — you and your loved ones.

At the office of Edward W. Pietnik, Jr., P.C., in Raynham, Massachusetts, we offer peace of mind and real-world solutions to individuals and families that are going through a transition. Whether you need help with divorce, child custody, support payments, property division or other issues, we can help.

Here, you will find an attorney who will partner with you and provide transparent legal counsel through every stage of legal proceedings. We will inform you of your rights, how the court views the best interests of your children (if applicable) and other critical details that your family law case involves.

Do I Need To Go To Court For My Divorce?

We commonly think of divorce as a contentious legal battle, but not all divorces have to be handled that way. If you and your spouse are open to negotiations, there may be a way to save you the cost and stress of litigation.

Our office tailors counsel to each individual’s needs. If taking your case to court is necessary, you can be sure we will be there to fight for you every step of the way. Still, we will never push you into court needlessly. If we can negotiate favorable agreements that address your immediate and long-term needs, we will. In many cases, staying out of a lengthy courtroom battle can foster more cooperative long-term relationships between you and your spouse even after your divorce is final.

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