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Quality legal counsel begins and ends with results. Here, your best interests are at the core of every decision we make. You can trust us to get the job done effectively and efficiently, no matter what legal challenge has come your way.

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The stress of a legal issue can be difficult to manage, particularly as you work to keep the rest of your life running smoothly. You are balancing your family obligations, financial hardships and sometimes medical issues all while trying to resolve a legal conflict.

You don’t have to handle this on your own. At the office of Edward W. Pietnik, Jr., P.C., we take pride in offering stability and guidance to people throughout Massachusetts.

Our greatest rewards are not our professional accolades or our reputation among our peers (although we have earned those as well). Instead, we value the difference we have made for people in times of crisis. Let us help you, too. Contact our office in Raynham (the Taunton area) to set up a consultation.

Your Go-To Law Firm For Comprehensive Counsel

With more than 20 years of experience, attorney Edward W. Pietnik, Jr., has handled just about every case you can imagine. His knowledge and skill in a variety of legal areas has helped him offer strategic insight and creative solutions for clients who come in for one issue, but end up needing guidance for a few legal areas.

For example, an individual who is facing a personal injury issue may also need to consider how their health and financial standing will affect his or her estate. An individual with a criminal record may have unique concerns related to child custody, divorce or family law.

While many attorneys focus solely on one area, Mr. Pietnik can offer comprehensive insight to address the full scope of your legal needs — from start to finish.

Personal Service Goes A Long Way

Before your attorney can begin to resolve your case, he or she needs to know you and how these legal challenges are affecting your life. To us, personal service is not just a buzzword. It is about working closely with our clients to ensure they get the resolution that works for them.

We will be transparent in our representation so you understand the advantages and disadvantages of various legal options. You won’t be kept in the dark and you won’t feel left behind. We’re here to help you, above all else.

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